NYA validates first overseas youth work degree

16 Dec 2014

Victoria University in Melbourne is the first higher education institution outside England to have its youth work degree validated and endorsed by National Youth Agency.

The Batchelor of youth work has been running for some time and has approximately 280 students annually studying youth work. Over the course of a year, the National Youth Agency has been mapping Victoria University’s qualification against the UK’s national occupational standards. At the end of November, the university’s youth work degree passed the full England validation process.

Gaining a qualification that is validated by the National Youth Agency will ensure that the programme is quality checked and fit for purpose. It helps develop youth work practitioners that meet the needs of young people and employers in the youth work field.

Maralyn Smith, workforce programme manager, said “We were very impressed with the quality of the programme, and the depth of learning undertaken through offering complex placements. We are looking forward to brokering links between universities in England and Australia for shared learning experiences over the next year.”

Robyn Broadbent, Associate Professor of Victoria University’s youth work degree programme, said “We are all very pleased and excited by gaining validation. It has done great things for the programme.”

For more information on NYA’s role validating England youth work programmes, visit NYA’s website.