Cuts watch update

5 Jan 2015

This post is part of our continuing series on funding cuts to youth services. Please read this in conjunction with our previous post detailing announced cuts to youth services.

As budgets for 2015 are being announced, further cuts to youth services are likely to occur as local councils have their funding reduced again. Youth services are not a statutory requirement, and so they are more likely to be cut than other services that are provided by local authorities. None of the main political parties have pledged to create a statutory requirement for youth services, or that funding cuts will be reversed.

Services affected

Brighton and Hove council has announced that children and young people’s services will be reduced in the next financial year. The loss of £2.5 million from the budget will also affect voluntary and community services as some receive grants from the council. Four children’s centres are to be closed within the area.

Hampshire County Council is also reducing funding to children’s services, with a possibility of 80% reductions to the youth service. Following consultations with the local community it has been announced that the youth service will receive £1 million more than was previously planned, allowing the youth service to continue to maintain a service for young people.

Romsey is facing funding reductions from Hampshire County Council of up to 80%,which are likely to strongly impact youth charities in the area which form the majority of youth services. This may mean that services are reduced to one day a week.

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council has had its funding for youth services cut by 81% by Hampshire County Council. This will mean the closure of the majority of youth services in the area. There are plans to replace services with “youth pods”, 23 of which will be opened across the county. One of these will be in Basingstoke, meaning that the youth service in the area is reduced to 12 hours a week.

Oldham Council is to close two youth centres as part of austerity measures to save £60 million.

Staffordshire County Council has faced backlash after closing 33 youth centres.Local campaigners are working to reverse the council’s decision, and are organising protests in the area.

Following the announcement that youth centres would be closed in Newquay, local campaigners have created a working group to maintain youth services and keep at least one youth centre open.

West Berkshire is consulting members of the local community about proposed cuts to services, which could see the closure of detached youth work services in the area, in addition to a job club for NEET young people.

Brent Council is currently holding a consultation with members of the local community about which services will need to be reduced or cut in aid of saving £54 million. Youth services are among those being considered for closure, with the potential loss of children’s centres, a day care centre, and respite care for families of young people with additional needs.

This list will be updated as more information becomes available.