NYA backs soft skills campaign

14 Jan 2015

The National Youth Agency is today announcing its support for McDonald’s campaign to recognise the value of soft skills.

The Backing Soft Skills campaign is supported by the CBI, the Federation of Small Businesses, entrepreneur James Caan CBE and a host of others. It will focus on how skills like communication, teamwork and resilience are vital life skills for young people and deserve far greater recognition and promotion.  Research shows that soft skills are worth £88bn to the UK economy.

Fiona Blacke, CEO at the National Youth Agency said,

“Those of us who work with young people know that often what stops them achieving their potential and making successful transitions to adult life is not formal academic qualifications.

“Without the capacity to work with others, to communicate effectively and appropriately, to manage their emotions and channel their energy, to problem solve and perhaps most importantly to have resilience so when things go wrong so they can learn from it and pick themselves up and carry on, young people struggle to secure work and be proactive members of their communities.”

McDonald’s has invited entrepreneur James Caan to jointly lead a three-month consultation on current practices and attitudes towards soft skills. People can find out more and take part at www.backingsoftskills.co.uk. The consultation will result in a series of recommendations published later in the year to improve, support and promote soft skills in the workplace.