Improving employability for 10,000 young people and counting…

More than 10,000 young people have already benefited this year from the National Youth Agency’s new employability support programme.

Social action for change

More than 2,250 young people have been introduced to social action thanks to our Social Action Journey programme which ends in April 2015. 

Blog: How can we encourage soft skills development in young people?

Currently schools in the UK have a narrow focus on a set of core academic skills, and a culture of intensive testing.  This focus has too often squeezed out another set of ‘softer,’ or non-cognitive, skills which as we know are essential for making the most of cognitive abilities

NYA comment on Labour Party manifesto

The Labour Party has dropped its previous pledge to make youth services statutory if it wins the election. The policy does not appear in its party manifesto.

Blog: No vision for young people in election manifestos

Finally the political parties have laid out their manifestos. It’s difficult to know what to make of them.

Election manifestos: policies for young people

Here is a round up of the main parties’ election manifestos and their policies relevant to young people.

Blog: How can we tackle young people’s voting apathy?

Young people are increasingly disengaged from the voting process. We all know the stats – young people don’t vote in nearly such numbers as their older counterparts – in 2010 this was 44% for 18-25 year olds compared with 76% of 65 years and over.