NYA comment on Labour Party manifesto

21 Apr 2015

The Labour Party has dropped its previous pledge to make youth services statutory if it wins the election. The policy does not appear in its party manifesto.

Commenting on the development, acting CEO of the NYA Jon Boagey said,

“The Labour Manifesto contains a number of positives but is disappointingly light on a vision for young people.  Funding a statutory youth service would have indicated that the Labour Party values the role of youth work in young people’s development.

“As this appears to be a spending commitment too far, I’d like to see a tightening up of the statutory guidance linked to an overarching vision for young people which prioritises their needs.  If elected, NYA looks forward to working with the Labour Party on establishing such a vision, and in particular the party’s commitment to building character and resilience in the young.  Employers, schools and business constantly stress the importance of this – but it does need investment to see the impact on young people’s lives.”

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