Improving employability for 10,000 young people and counting…

28 Apr 2015

More than 10,000 young people have already benefited this year from the National Youth Agency’s new employability support programme.

Supported by funding from Barclays, the NYA’s programme is delivering employability and life skills training to up to 100,000 disadvantaged young people aged 14-25 and who are not in education, employment or training.

The programme is delivered in partnership with a wide range of local youth, education and business organsiations to meet the specific needs of the UK’s most marginalised young people.

Youth Federation is using funding from the employability support programme to add a practical interview element to their existing employability and social action projects.

Monitoring and evaluation indicates the programme has been a clear success, with a reported 100% increase in confidence, teamwork skills, problem solving and, time management and planning.

One young person on the programme commented;“I have had a wonderful time in which I have improved my social skills and team working ability. I have overcome my fears and now feel much more confident in the future. The experience also gave me a ‘snazzy’ looking CV!”

NYA is also working with the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust who support young people moving on from  competing in professional sport. The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust athletes have direct experience of transitioning from world class athletes to post competitive careers and bring energy and insight  to the workshops.  The athletes help the young people to see the transferable skills they have developed and understand how they can move on into a different but equally successful career.