Can I really afford the lifestyle I want? 

30 Jun 2015

Young people are getting a financial wake up call which will sew the seeds for independent living, thanks to the support of Barclays and the National Youth Agency’s programme of employability and life skills training.

Year 9 students at St Bartholomew’s School, Newbury, got a taste of what it’s like to try and make ends meet when they learnt how much it costs to run a house and a car, feed and clothe a family and have the social life of their choice. Having decided the jobs of the fictitious family that they were part of, they then calculated if the take home pay of their parents/carers was enough for the lifestyle they had chosen.

Supported by volunteers from local businesses, the workshop was delivered by Education Business Partnership West Berkshire (EBPWB), which promotes links between schools and the business community.

Discussions were had about how much food costs, the high price of gas and electricity as well as debates about how much is realistic to spend on clothes and going out as the young people started to realise they needed to earn a surprisingly large amount to afford their lifestyle of choice.

Jane Grunseid at EBPWB said, “The students started appreciate the financial pressure millions of families are under and the importance of living within their means. The workshop really challenged their assumptions about money and they have learnt some extremely important life lessons in budgeting and spending wisely in a fun and engaging way.”

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