NYA leads UK-wide partnership to oversee youth and community work standards

4 Feb 2014

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills has confirmed that the Joint Education Training Standards Committee (JETS) are the preferred suppliers of youth and community sector standards for the UK.JETS will work in partnership with Federation of Community Development and Learning (FCDL) to deliver youth and community sector activities.

JETS is a longstanding partnership of the endorsement  bodies of England, Scotland, North/ South Ireland and Wales. The National Youth Agency, which will act as lead agency for the partnership, believes this strengthened working  between the nations will in turn strengthen the sector.

Fiona Blacke, National Youth Agency CEO, said, “This is a very positive development for everyone who works in the youth and community sectors. By adopting a more joined up approach between nations we will create consistency and best practice to support the needs of the youth and community sector workforce and their employers. Working together we will be able to raise the profile of our sector while ensuring better pathways and mutual recognition.”

The National Youth Agency will be incubated by Skills for Justice, a well established sector skills body, to oversee, develop and review the youth and community sector standards and framework for 2014/15.

This work includes the maintenance and development of national occupational standards, vocational/ occupational qualifications, development and review of apprenticeships, modern apprenticeships and the development and review of Scottish Vocational Qualifications and all related activities for youth and community work.