Blog: Yasmin Lodhi on her role at the Think Big Hub

16 Jul 2014

The Hub is managed by NYA and is run by a small team (The Hubbles). It’s made possible by O2 with support from Telefonica foundation.

We are the new arrival to what is now known as Tech City. 16 Hoxton Square is now a perky people place! You network here, you meant innovators and changemakers, build relationships, create new ventures and simply connect! We cater for everyone; start-ups, charities, corporates and especially our Think Big project leaders.

Workshop at Think Big HubOur primary aim is to support young people; we enable them to make their ideas a reality. They become leaders and all we do is offer them training, this snazzy space and some golden nuggets to help speed up their entrepreneur voyage… we give them a leg up into this new digital creative cosmos if you will. We consider The Think Big Hub to be a vivacious space rocket that will be hurtling the next generation of leaders in the correct direction.


Our vision is to up-skill people in the Think Big Hub; through webinars, networking events, twitter, online training, workshops, and inspirational talks and of course whilst all this is going on we stock up our biscuit supply.

What’s My Role?

I do research into providing the best biscuits! The variables I use to determine these are tea and sometimes coffee, it’s a crackalackin’ job!

In a more informative light, some of my other daily duties as Think Big Hub and Events assistant involve speaking with inspirational young people from around the UK about their ideas for community development, managing the Hub bookings, managing the office and event supplies, overseeing expenditure and facilitating events.

After the educational route I took there were no clear “next steps” for me, I took a risk and moved to London to do a Business Admin Apprenticeship with NYA. In doing so I developed enough self confidence and knowledge to step onto the career ladder in the third sector.

If I were to advice anyone who doesn’t really know what route to take, in terms of education or their career, I would say always take time to explore. Take risks. Grab chances. Stay solution focused. Have fun!

If it’s not fun… Go explore again!

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