NYA launches Youth Work Week 2014 with the theme ‘Skills for Life’

31 Jul 2014

The National Youth Agency (NYA) is pleased to announce that Youth Work Week 2014 will be held from 3 – 9 November.

Youth Work Week is an annual celebration of youth work and 2014 sees the 21st year of this profile raising event. After a successful partnership for the past two years, the NYA have again teamed up with the Commonwealth Secretariat to make it a truly international celebration, bringing together 54 countries across six continents.

This year the theme of Youth Work Week is Skills for Life. The campaign aims to highlight the role youth work makes in supporting young people to develop the personal qualities and attitudes which enable them to understand more about themselves, others and society.

The impact of youth workers on young people and their communities will, for the fourth year, be celebrated through the Youth Work Awards which is now open for nominations. The awards seek to recognise the local heroes who play a pivotal role in the development of our young people.

Also, the NYA is once again inviting MPs across England to ‘Give an Hour’ to a youth work project in their constituency. By dedicating a short period of time to youth work, local leaders will be able to see first hand the invaluable role youth workers play in their community.

Fiona Blacke, National Youth Agency chief executive, comments: “A celebration might not be first thing people think of when we talk about youth work in the UK, with the recent cuts the sector has experienced. However, at NYA we believe the way to protect youth work is to make as much noise as we can about what youth workers do and the difference they make.

“Our theme for this year will focus on a growing appreciation of the need to develop essential skills in young people, including creativity, enterprise, teamwork, self-confidence, resilience, motivation and ability to concentrate. These skills are recognised as critical skills for young people in many spheres of life including success in education and employment.

“Youth Work Week is a time when people from every part of the sector can come together to celebrate and promote what youth workers do and the transformative contribution they are making to young people’s lives.”

The National Youth Agency is calling for youth clubs, organisations and local authorities to get involved in Youth Work Week by holding an event or activity, where possible related to the theme of Skills for Life.

The Youth Work Week 2014 materials pack can be downloaded from the NYA website. Further information on Youth Work Week and the Youth Worker Awards.