National Youth Agency is 50!

8 Aug 2014

The National Youth Agency has been operating for 50 years.

We began as an information centre for youth services at the National College for the Training of Youth Leaders in Leicester. Since then we have been the National Youth Bureau before becoming the National Youth Agency.

Despite changes in our focus our broad mission has remained largely the same; a commitment to young people and the role of youth work in supporting them.

Fiona Blacke, CEO of the NYA, commented, “I am delighted we have reached this milestone. Over the years we have shaped our activities to offer support to youth work professionals and services.  Whilst it has been far from plain sailing we have continued to offer this support whilst modernising our function and purpose and developing our business.”

“At 50 we are well equipped to continue offering that support well into the future.”

50 Faces of Youth Work

The NYA is running an online celebration of youth work for its 50th anniversary by asking people ‘what does youth work mean to you?’

50 Faces of Youth Work aims to shine a light on the wider impact of youth work. Through their own words, the NYA’s online celebration will demonstrate how youth work has provided support, maybe even changed lives, and laid the groundwork for young people to develop and move on to fresh  challenges.

We welcome submissions from those who have received or delivered youth work, and will showcase 50 diverse examples. View our collection so far. 

Visit 50 Faces of Youth Work to share your thoughts or read our news release.