Blog: Craig Smith on new crowdfunding platform Hubbub

16 Sep 2014

Think Big is passionate about helping young people achieve their full potential. Young people are amazing and full of great ideas. They are the future workforce as well as those creating employment opportunities for others. One of the ways we are supporting this is through our recently launched crowdfunding platform, Hubbub.

We’ve teamed up with Wayra graduate programme, Hubbub to create our very own platform specifically supporting social action ideas.

Crowdfunding is a process of raising funds for specific, often unusual projects. It is phenomena that has taken of in the last few years and has seen enormous growth particularly around good causes.

So far in the one month we have been live we have already seen 1 project successfully funded, Xplode Magazine ran by Think Big project leader Saeed Atcha which can now help more young people in Bolton realise their potential.

We want to continue to help our projects grow but in a time when money is tight Hubbub is a great way us to continue to support but also enable our projects to have experience of raising their own funds.

The platform is open to young people (aged 13-25) involved with Think Big at any level of the programme.

Please show your support for our projects by visiting the site and if you are a Think Big project we want to see you crowdfunding.

Thinking of applying? Check out these top tips.

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Craig Smith

Think Big Hubbub lead

Craig Smith

Think Big Digital Marketing Apprentice at National Youth Agency
Craig Smith

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