National Youth Agency supports Step up to Serve’s #iwill campaign

24 Nov 2014

The National Youth Agency has pledged its support to social action in a new commitment on the #iwill website during #iwill week (24-28 Nov).

Fiona Blacke, CEO of NYA said, “Our pledge makes an overarching commitment to getting young people involved in social action. In our experience social action can be the catalyst which gets young people to connect with their communities.  It can make them think differently about what they can offer others , and kickstart an interest in their neighbourhoods which lasts for years.”

“We want to support that in every way we can.”

NYA’s pledge comprises:

  • Support social action across all aspects of our organisation, and champion the role of young people as the instigators and architects of community based positive change.
  • Support thousands of young people to get involved in social action in their communities through our programme delivery and specifically through managing O2 Think Big, where we are helping focus support on young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and areas of deprivation.
  • Reach and support an additional 2,500 disadvantaged young people aged 14-17 years through our Social Action Journey Fund, in partnership with O2 and the Cabinet Office.
  • Help over 3,000 young people deliver social action projects in their neighbourhoods, as a key partner in the NCS Network.
  • Help Barclays support youth social action as part of their commitment to change 5 Million Young Futures.