What a week! Youth Work Week 2014.

11 Nov 2014

Youth Work Week 2014 was better than ever and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who got involved.

The support from youth organisations, youth workers, young people and MPs has helped to show that youth work is much more than just giving young people something to do.

Based around the theme Skills for Life, the week shone a light on how youth work helps young people develop the type of skills increasingly recognised as essential for success in education and employment.

Fiona Blacke, CEO of the National Youth Agency said, “The NYA has been supporting youth work for 50 years and we have witnessed considerable change in that time.

“Right now, youth work is needed more than ever. With high unemployment leaving young people unable to gain enough experience to get on the jobs ladder, youth workers are there to help young people recognise their own abilities and make the tranistion into adulthood.

“Youth Work Week is a profile raising event that we run each year to get the impact of youth work more widely recognised. We have been delighted to see so many individuals and organisations stand up and show their support. It’s not always easy, but youth work remains at the forefront of everything we do.”

Thank you from all of us here at the National Youth Agency!

Youth Work Week photos

Youth Work Week photos

Youth Work Week photos