O2 Think Big’s Cheryl Mifflin blogs on a top anti-bullying project

24 Mar 2015

Sometimes I am asked to elaborate on the sort of project ideas that a young person might apply for funding for, a difficult question to answer as they can vary so much. However, I want to highlight one in particular, Beat the Bullies. 

At 14 years of age Chloe Hine was getting bullied and it was having an affect on her. Then, she decided to make a change. Chloe discovered that she could use the power of songwriting and music as a form of therapy. At a time when Chloe had hit an all-time low and was feeling depressed this helped to boost her.

Following this discovery Chloe took the brave steps to apply for £300 funding from Think Big so that she could share her form of therapy with other young people affected by bullying. After putting in a project application Chloe heard back that she was successful and her Think Big journey began.

The main ethos of Beat the Bullies is employing the therapeutic qualities of music and songwriting to improve young people’s lives. Chloe found that music was so powerful it gave her the capacity to turn something negative into a positive experience.

Since then Chloe completed her level 1 project and went on to successfully apply for level 2 funding (up to £2,500) where she took her project idea to the next level. During her level 2 project Chloe offered to join a team day where she and two other project founders got to meet people from the O2 Wifi team and take part in a World Cafe event where they all put their collective thinking caps on to help the project founders tackle any specific challenges they may be facing.

As a result of this the Wifi team looked to support Chloe more long-term and have helped her develop a website and app. Chloe was able to work with the Music Fusion recording studio in Havant to produce her own rap music under her alter ego Karrera, who has since performed at the Royal Albert Hall and the O2’s indigo venue. Not everyone will be able to record songs in a music studio, so the website will have a virtual studio where users can make music.

Then last week we heard more fantastic news. Chloe has managed to get Beat the Bullies up as a charity. It is a fantastic opportunity for the great work she has already carried out to develop and improve the lives of far more young people.

To find out more about Chloe’s news check out the article here: Bullied schoolgirl starts charity to help other victims