Prevent strategy

13 Nov 2015

NYA and NCVYS would like organisations to get in touch if they are involved in the Prevent agenda in any way.  Prevent is one of the four elements of CONTEST, the government’s counter-terrorism strategy. It aims to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

There seems to be areas of concern growing, especially in the workforce development arena. We are hearing that tutors who are delivering training e.g. youth work, safeguarding, are being asked to attend local Prevent training workshops, but there is limited access to this training for the voluntary youth sector.  Once this training has been completed, there seems to be limited access to good quality youth sector appropriate guidance and support, with particular lack of information on: when to refer and to whom; what is the referral process; how can we support young people within this process.

We are also hearing that contracts from local authorities and FE Colleges are being altered (with limited or no consultation), to state that all staff must have a good understanding of Prevent. And staff should be trained to recognise vulnerability to being drawn into terrorism/violence and extremism and are aware of the available programmes to deal with the issue.

Questions for you

We are keen to know:

  • What level of training is needed in your organisation? Have you been offered this and from who? e.g. local authority, private trainers or Prevent co-ordination team
  • What level of reporting are you being asked to engage? Do you know the correct procedures? Have you been involved in the discussions locally?
  • What support and guidance or resources have you been offered to embed Prevent into your safeguarding policy and procedures?
  • Have any of you seen the training programme for Prevent? and if you have, what did you think of it?
  • Have you been involved in any good practice? If so please will you tell us so we can get  a balanced perspective

How to respond

We would like to encourage you to tell us as much as you can. It is really important we get to hear your views, so that we can understand how you would like us to represent your views at the various stages, that will follow.
Please respond initially to Maralyn Smith, Workforce Manager on email

What we will do with your feedback?

We will be feeding the results into the ETS workforce development planning discussion.

NYA and NCVYS will also be using the results to feedback and steer discussions with policy makers in the Home Office and in the Department of Education, who have oversight of implementation of the voluntary youth sector engagement, which is the next phase roll out of Prevent.

Further information

If you have a query please contact either Maralyn Smith at NYA, email, call 07793 631099 or Isabelle King at NCVYS, email or call 07939 289492.