JNC developments: statement on youth work education

10 Mar 2016

In December the Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) employers’ representatives announced their intention to withdraw from national bargaining through the JNC and pursue the assimilation of youth and community staff to National Joint Council (NJC) terms and conditions.

The JNC employers’ representatives indicated that separate pay awards for youth and community workers could not be sustained and that they were now looking to consult with the JNC staff representatives about how best to transition to NJC terms and conditions over the next two years.

ETS England believe that scrapping the JNC pay scale could undermine the professional standards of youth work education and have serious long term implications for the sector.

The National Youth Agency (NYA) held a meeting with the JNC employers’ representatives, ETS England and ETS Wales during which the JNC employers’ representatives emphasised that they fully supported a system of validations that secured the quality of professional qualifications.

They are also keen to work with ETS England and ETS Wales to ensure that both the qualifications’ framework and quality assurance measures are retained in the future, despite moving away from  the JNC pay awards and terms and conditions.

The Local Government Association (LGA) has issued a statement that indicates a continued commitment to maintain existing professional qualification routes, as well as offering support for the work of ETS England and ETS Wales.  Further discussions are planned to formalise the arrangements for this process with the LGA.

ETS England and ETS Wales, supported by NYA, will continue discussions over the next months and will keep the sector informed as discussions progress.


The NYA validate professional youth work qualifications from Level 2 to Level 7. The work is currently overseen by ETS England committee and is endorsed by the JNC.