JNC and the professional framework – latest news

5 Aug 2016

On 23 June NYA met with the JNC employers’ side and Local Government Association representatives to discuss the professional qualifications framework (youth support worker levels 2 & 3, professional youth worker levels 6 & 7).

The JNC employers’ side reported that the sector is supportive of the retention of a professional qualifications framework.  The JNC employers’ side stated that they were in discussions with unions regarding the future of the JNC terms and conditions, linked to the ‘Pink Book’, and had experienced significant lobbying to retain these alongside the professional framework.

JNC employers indicated that they will be reviewing the professional framework and its link with the JNC in more detail over the next 12 months. No changes will be made until after a consultation period during which the full range of views can be heard.

The JNC employers have asked NYA, on behalf of the Education Training Standards (ETS) Committee who validate professional qualifications from level 2 – 7 in England, to consult on the professional framework with key voluntary sector organisations over the next six months. The consultation exercise will start in the autumn.  Further detail will be available on the NYA website as they emerge.