Blog: Heather Wildsmith on the connected world we live in 

28 Oct 2016

Nowadays you can’t walk down the street without your smartphone, smartwatch or tablet pinging; we use our smartphones for everything; from the food shop down to finding love.

The development of new technologies is happening on a daily basis, and increasingly so by the young genre of entrepreneurs, such as Laurence Kemball Cook, the founder of Pavegen. Laurence developed his idea, based on using footsteps to produce kinetic energy, in his university bedroom aged 23. Since then Pavegen has been installed in over 100 locations including Heathrow Airport and Harrods.

Here at NYA we believe that young people have the ability to shape the world with their creativity and amazing innovative ideas. In support of this we have a brand new project launching on November 1st to support young people in showcasing and making their ideas a reality. This project will allow young people to bring their ideas to life with up to £10,000 funding whilst also receiving crucial support along the way from mentors and The Environment Now team.

With the current young generation being labelled as ‘digital natives’ we aim to encourage creativity and innovation with technology, whilst also linking this to the environment in which we live in. Young people are becoming more and more passionate about the environment. After a recent workshop 78% of young people stated that they wanted to tackle environmental issues, 88% said that they wanted to innovate new ideas using digital tech, affirming the motivation behind this exciting new project.


The Environment Now is a new project managed by the NYA in partnership with O2 Think Big and is funded by O2 and the National Lottery, Big Lottery Fund through the Our Bright Future programme.

To find out more about The Environment Now email the team on: