NYA pledge for #iwillWeek

21 Nov 2016


It’s #iwillWeek and NYA have developed a new pledge to celebrate young people’s social action.

We will:

  • Highlight outstanding examples of young people led community projects on our website and on other publicity materials
  • Encourage youth organisations to empower young people to lead positive change through our participation framework Hear by Right, including placing  young people’s volunteering at the heart of their work.
  • Shine a light on disadvantaged young people, engaging and supporting them in community based positive change to gain a wider recognition of the value social action can bring to this group, as well as an understanding of the barriers they may face.
  • Support thousands of young people to get involved in social action in their communities through O2 Think Big, where we are helping focus on young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, providing youth work and mentoring help.
  • Help thousands of young people deliver social action projects in their neighbourhoods as a lead partner in the NCS programme in the North East.