NYA releases annual monitoring data

16 Aug 2017

The National Youth Agency has released its Annual Monitoring Report 2015-16 which reports on Higher Education Institutions’ professionally qualifying Youth and Community programmes.

The report, which collates data from HEIs, is collected annually by NYA and is used to monitor whether programmes operate within requirements of professional JNC validation.

Key headlines include:

  • Slight decrease in youth and community degree programmes from 31 to 30, which continues the downward trend.
  • Continued decline in student recruitment to programmes from 793 students in 2014 to 673 in 2015. 97% of programmes met their recruitment targets though, indicating that programmes are reflecting the market.
  • The gender profile continues to be weighted towards women, with men making up only a quarter (26%) of new students.
  • The number of graduates working for the local authority continues to decline with graduates going into a wide variety of different areas including schools, voluntary sector and working on grant funded programmes.

Commenting on the report, NYA’s managing director Leigh Middleton said, “Whilst the numbers of students recruited continues to reduce, the figure also indicates that Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are filling almost all of their places which is a significant achievement.

“These reductions reflect the changing face of youth work nationally; many jobs require the positive benefits of youth work skills that can be applied to a range of roles as well as a professional youth worker.

“The gender balance is a recognised concern and further research is needed to understand more fully its implications. The National Youth Agency will be working with our Education and Training Standards committee and the HEI partners to look at how it can be addressed for the future.”


To see the full report visit NYA_Annual_Monitoring_Report 15-16