The Environment Now – more than £150k of projects announced

20 Dec 2017

16 new green tech projects funded by The Environment Now have been announced.

The grants programme, supported by O2’s Think Big in partnership with the National Youth Agency, offers funding, training, work experience and support to get young people’s green ideas off the ground. It is today announcing 16 projects worth £160,000.

The Environment Now programme is funded by O2 and the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund, and is part of the Our Bright Future programme. It is managed by the National Youth Agency.

 The 16 projects are receiving £10,000 funding each plus a range of support over ten months, helping them develop their ideas, confidence and skills with the aim of empowering them to become sustainability leaders of the future. The projects comprise:

Ethan Howard – Bare Technologies

Bare tech takes laptops from businesses and repurposes them by installing their own simple operating system, designed with and for users that have little or no experience of computers. The bare operating system makes no assumptions on knowledge, provides constant reassurance and offers a total support package to instill confidence among their users.

Beth Lonsdale – Cutting Edge Conservation

Cutting Edge Conservation will use digital media to share and expand learning about the conservation of one of the UK’s most important habitats. Working alongside conservation professionals, they will record and stream workshops designed to teach essential conservation skills, based on the experiences they have gained in their hectare of wildflower meadows.

Matthew Rowe – MATR

MATR is a small, powerful, hybrid air purifier that completely eliminates indoor air pollutants, beautifully crafted from eco-friendly materials. Featuring a removable air quality tracker, helping you to plan runs, walks & cycles to avoid invisible, health-damaging air pollution.

Thomas Stakes – Blue Tap


With an estimated 1.8 billion people still drinking from contaminated sources, access to clean
drinking water is one of today’s most pressing global issues. Blue Tap aims to provide clean drinking water and, therefore, reduce plastic waste by allowing people to purify their water effectively at a household level. Their main goal is to develop a technology that helps people across the world to take control of their own water supply and to provide themselves with clean, safe drinking water. However, Blue Tap doesn’t just stop with the technology. They are also creating a UK based movement that educates and engages people in the issues surrounding access to clean water and illustrate how this is intrinsically linked to reducing plastic waste.

Shaun Curtis – Long Strip Wildlife

Long Strip Wildlife aims to educate users about their local wildlife and nature through an interactive and educational mobile app. Users will be able to record their findings using the built-in camera function which will add to our research on how the area is improving.

Sina Sadrzadeh – Feedr

Feedr will be an online platform that bridges the gap between cafes/bakeries with excess food and local charities. The platform will directly monitor the volume of food the establishment donates and feeds the data back to them in real time.

Anton Puzorjov – One Cherry

One Cherry aims to reinvent the charity shopping experience by creating an online marketplace where you can browse and buy all the best deals from your local charity shops. They aim to make charity shopping experience more convenient and accessible, ultimately increasing the revenue of the charity shops, promoting circular economy thus supporting the great work done by the charities.

Ola Oniyide, Tobi Tselios – Gyre

Gyre will be a marketplace where students can trade their unwanted and/or unused items locally, in order to save money, to encourage and enforce a greener environment, recycling and reuse.

Tom Mallett, Harry Garstka, Ryan Pugh – Dugong

Dugong aims to reduce up to 90% of agricultural methane emissions by mixing seaweed into cattle feed. Using our ‘Greenhouse Gas credit trading’ digital platform, Dugong connects seaweed farmers, cattle farmers and Corporate Social Responsibility programs to help stop climate change.

Robyn Byrne – Enviro: Small Steps for Big Change

Enviro is a Plymouth-based Enactus project which aims to tackle different environmental issues in Plymouth by uniting students and those in the community through three different mini projects. The primary project, ‘International Zero Waste’ aims to create an app platform where international students can exchange, buy and sell items which are no longer needed when they return to their respective countries. The agenda of this project is to reduce waste in landfill sites from students through a sustainable and technology-based method which will be accessible for students. The secondary project is titled ‘The Food Lottery’ which will focus on reducing food waste from restaurants at a discounted price from students through a website platform. The final project, ‘Don’t Waste, Donate!’ seeks to address the issue of clothing and material waste in landfill sites by up-cycling and eventually reselling them at a student-run event.

Irvin Kiasi – Give, Sell,

Give, Sell, is a one-stop app where you can donate, sell and hire out unwanted or pre-owned goods! With Give, Sell, Hire you can prolong the life of used goods and prevent a further rise in fly tipping, helping us to help you clean up the environment.

Lilly Pamela Harvey – Global Amphibian Biodiversity Project (GABiP)

The Global Amphibian Biodiversity Project (GABiP) is an international scientific initiative aimed to advance knowledge on the diversity and declines of the world’s amphibians. As a citizen science program, they want people all around the world to use the latest geographic and digital technologies to collect real data for science. Together, we can help to understand and prevent the brutal realities of biodiversity loss.

Isaac Ramonet – Pure Air Industries

7 million people die every year due to air pollution – Pure Air Industries is developing a machine to clean cities of air pollution by designing, building and installing units which can remove pollutants from air. Building a community wanting to fix air pollution, whilst working with councils on this issue, Pure Air Industries is working hard to be one of the major solutions to finally tackle air pollution at a city level.

Pawan Saunya – Recycled Tech

UK councils (and nearly all world wide) do not recycled flexible plastics. Flexible plastics make up for majority of UK’s non-recyclable trash and contributes in millions of tonnes to landfills. Zero Waste Tech – Recycled Tech hopes to set up a UK network to collect flexible plastics to reuse and turn them into digital devices. Collection points will be first set up in London to allow the public to donate their flexible plastics to the project, gaining reward points for doing so and being able to see the their very own impact on our the Zero Waste Tech’s website. Where the public will be able to see the CO2 savings and the trash diverted from landfill due to their efforts.

Joel Gujral, Miles Leaks and Louis Brindle  – Fruutea

Fruutea lets users create their own bespoke blend of healthy fruit tea using innovative digital technology. While doing this, Fruutea aims to overcome some of the most important environmental and ethical challenges facing the tea industry, including packaging, transparency and accreditation.

Victoria Bogle – Water Purification System

A solar powered water pump and purification system that will add in the users desired minerals via an app. This will ensure clean water is available to everyone in their home, reducing plastic bottle consumption and raising awareness on water quality and healthier lifestyles.