01/02/2018: Northern Powerhouse report shows that disadvantaged pupils achieve lower grades in the north than in London.

02/02/2018: NSPCC calls for mandatory social media code of practice.

06/02/2018: A minority of heads in England are persuading parents to take on their child’s education so as to avoid an exclusion on their record.

07/02/2018: Poorest areas face biggest cuts to children’s services.

08/02/2018: “Sex ed must cover respect and consent”, say young mums.

10/02/2018: Children’s services at risk as councils raid schools reserves.

10/02/2018: Social media linked with childhood depression.

13/02/2018: Sadiq Khan promises £15m to tackle youth crime in London.

13/02/2018: Young black men interviewed about their stop and search experiences.

13/02/2018: A response to the announcement of a governement ‘crackdown’ on unpaid internships.

14/02/2018: Teens ‘buying anxiety drug Xanax on social media’.

14/02/2018: NYA Chair Michael Bracey on the importance of the Troubled Families Programme for councils.

15/02/2018: Evidence of slight progress for young people in housing crisis, but more must be done.

15/02/2018: Tories could back votes for 16-year-olds.

19/02/2018: UK millennials second worst-hit financially in developed world.

20/02/2018: Young people found campaign aiming to put the youth at the centre of stopping Brexit.

20/02/2018: More than 500 children’s centres have closed in England since 2010.

21/02/2018: Community project successfully contributes to treating loneliness and other health issues.

22/02/2018: PE lessons being neglected in search for better exam results.

22/02/2018: Disadvantaged children need a break – not a system stacked against them.

25/02/2018Children are increasingly finding it hard to hold pens and pencils because of an excessive use of technology.

26/02/2018: Social media firms failing to protect young people, survey finds.

26/02/2018: Millennials ‘set to be fattest generation’.

26/02/2018: Many adults ‘don’t know signs of eating disorders’ in young people.

27/02/2018: “Cuts to services have fractured community cohesion”

27/02/2018: Call for action after knife crime has leaves London’s young people reeling.

27/02/2018: Call for action amid growing concern about the rising rates of mental illness in children and young people.

28/02/2018: Extent of victims bullied due to body image revealed in YMCA research.




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