Legal Statement

The National Youth Agency (NYA) does not provide this document to the sector in anything less than ‘guidance’. NYA takes no responsibility for how users of this document interpret or apply the guidance. Users of this guide must ensure they operate within the law, social distancing guidelines and meet their specific duties and responsibilities to stakeholders. It is for each organisational unit to make its own local decisions on how to apply the advice included. NYA cannot be held accountable for local decisions reached based on this guidance. Organisations must ensure they have suitable action plans, risk assessments and be self-satisfied that they have considered all reasonable actions to protect the welfare, health and safety of staff, volunteers, employees and service users.

This guidance does not supersede any legal obligations relating to health and safety, employment or equalities and it is important that as an organisation, charity, local authority or an employer you continue to comply with your existing obligations, including those relating to individuals with protected characteristics. This document contains non-statutory guidance to consider when complying with these obligations.

When considering how to apply this guidance, consider agency workers, contractors and other people, as well as your employees and service users/young people. To help you decide which actions to take, you need to carry out an appropriate COVID-19 risk assessment, just as you would for other health and safety hazards. This risk assessment must be done in consultation with unions or workers.

This guidance document has been approved by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Public Health England and the Health and Safety Executive. Users should ensure they are using the most up-to-date version of this document and can check this at any time via the NYA website.

This guidance document has been provided to allow the youth sector to draw its own conclusions as to the nature of safe youth activity and appropriate levels and types of activities at any given time.


@RishiSunak @andrealeadsom This is indeed welcome & good news. Please could we have the same support to help the 3 MILLION young people who desperately need high quality youth services to support them? @natyouthagency stands ready to make this happen with partners! The business case is very compelling!

This is scary. Young people/services have already borne the brunt of cuts with £1 in every £16 cut from council budgets coming from youth services. We need to rebuild youth services not make more misguided cuts when x3 the number of young people need help!

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