The History of My Money Now


The My Money Now project was funded by the Money Advice Service as part of their What Works Fund scheme. The project delivered financial capability training to 591 young people aged 16-21 nationwide between March 2017 and March 2018 and was tailored to young people facing a big life transition such as beginning work or moving away from home.

The training was part of a research project comparing whether peer or adult education is more effective when it comes to financial training. The research showed that on all dimensions of assessment peer educators were scored more highly. See our findings in more detail below:

My Money Now is now being offered as a paid training package aimed at young employees/ apprentices. Please see below for more details.


My Money Now Evaluation

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Or take a look at the key figures below


Watch interviews from a cohort below 


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Or peruse our collection of case studies below:


Case Studies from Young People – Hear from six young apprentices who undertook the training

Case Studies from Peer Associates – Our peer associates were recruited to give an extra layer of depth to our evaluation. They observed and assessed sessions in order to feedback their findings to the evaluators

Case Studies from Organisations – My Money Now was delivered to a range of employers and training providers. Hear from some of them how they think the training has impacted their learners

Case Studies from Peer Facilitators – A key element of the My Money Now project was assessing the effectiveness of training delivered by peers and how it differs to training delivered by adult facilitators. Hear from our fab peer facilitators how they found the experience


Our tailored training packages




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To speak to us about the My Money Now programme, evaluation or tailored training, get in touch with Programme Manager Jodie at



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