Case studies from Peer Associates

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Taïna – Peer Associate

“I’ve seen first-hand what what financial incapability can do to people. This programme has really reaffirmed my belief that young people should have access to financial capability training but it’s also opened my eyes to the importance of informal education”


Amelia – Peer Associate

“Young people really seem to respond better when they are treated as equals rather than subordinates”


Shannon – Peer Associate

“The main thing i’ve noticed when observing training is that young people really respond better when they’re being given an informal opportunity to voice their opinions”


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With so many sectors recognising the need for high quality #youthwork to support young people & communities as part of a network, now is the time to pull together & support this ambition for all of our young people to improve their future.

It’s very busy @nyaacademy today, home working in sunny Blackpool. Planning & reviewing Level2 Youthwork in practice, inc developing assessment plans. Also Reviewing Level3 Diploma work submitted by @OnSideYZ students. Phew and it’s only Monday! @natyouthagency

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