Conference: A New Vision for Youth Services

NYA is jointly hosting a conference on youth services with the LGA.

No Spend Day Challenge

As you may know, this week is Financial Capability Week! So, here at NYA we have got together a few willing volunteers to take part in a No Spend Day challenge to mark the occasion.

Blog: financial capability training is crucial

Compared to the US and some European countries the UK is relatively weak in the enforcement of its labour laws. 

Charlotte Tidbury: My youth work journey

Charlotte Tidbury is a professionally qualified youth worker, working as a Peer Facilitator on NYA’s My Money Now programme where she uses her youth work skills to deliver financial capability training to young apprentices. In this blog she describes her journey as a youth worker, from study to practice.

Guest blog: Joe Stockley, BYC trustee

Hi, I’m Joe, I’m 21 years old, and youth services, in a whole variety of ways, have been of utmost importance to my life for the last 6 years.

International research project communicates the impact of youth work

The data from an extensive Erasmus funded international research project into the ‘Impact of Youth Work’ is culminating this month. The project led by Plymouth Marjon University involves three youth work organisations in each of the following countries; UK, Finland, Estonia, France and Italy.

Blog: NYA chair Michael Bracey on redefining youth work

This week (6-12 Nov) is Youth Work Week,  the National Youth Agency’s annual celebration of great youth work in England. 

Guest blog: Make youth services a public priority service

Kayleigh Wainwright, Head of Membership and Youth Engagement at UK Youth   Following the EU Referendum young people from UK Youth Voice – our national board of 16-25 year olds who sit at the heart of everything UK Youth does – undertook an extensive research project with young people from across the UK to identify

Discovering the youth sector: a blog by youth work novice Charlotte Little

Before being thrown into the world of youth work, I had very little knowledge about the youth sector. 

Youth Services: our last line of defence

Alison Michalska, ADCS President, Corporate Director of Children and Adults, Nottingham City Council  This blog first appeared on the ADCS website.