NYA pledge for #iwillWeek

It’s #iwillWeek and NYA have developed a new pledge to celebrate young people’s social action.

Blog: Jon Boagey on financial skills for young people

NYA has been involved in financial capability programmes for over a decade now.  We believe these programmes can make a real difference to young people’s lives but we need to be realistic about what they can achieve. 

Q&A with new trustee: Natalie Smith

Meet Natalie Smith, NYA’s new Trustee. Tell us a little about your background My background previously was Hospitality Business Management, but I’ve been voluntarily within the third sector for the past two years, gaining experience at a grassroots level in an area which suffers from high levels of deprivation. Why did you want to become a Trustee

YWW Guest blog: Emma Revie on youth work and social mobility

‘At the moment, opportunity is too often the preserve of the wealthy or a quirk of circumstance… Those with the right connections and contacts can get on, while those who have none simply cannot.’ Teresa May’s speech on social mobility Sept 2016

JNC Employers side survey

The Employers’ Side of the JNC recognises the value and importance of the qualifications framework and has confirmed its support for it. As part of its review of the JNC, it is interested in how the framework operates in both the statutory and voluntary sectors. It has created a survey which can be accessed here.

Heather and Lydia’s YWW16 podcast

Welcome to Lydia and Heather’s Podcast! Lydia and Heather talk about new programme The Environment Now and how they’re celebrating Youth Work Week!

Q&A with new trustee Yasmin Greenaway

Meet Yasmin Greenaway, one of NYA’s new Trustees.  

YWW Guest blog: Anna Smee on celebrating great youth work

It’s time to celebrate Anyone who has the opportunity to see youth work in action knows the vital and vibrant service it provides young people, local communities and our society as whole.

Blog: Michael Bracey, NYA chair, on why I support youth work

This is my story; I grew up in Bristol during the 1980s, coming from what would now be described as a ‘white working class family’ with limited life chances that were compounded by attending a failing secondary school.

YWW guest blog: O2’s Kerry North on Fair Chances – is tech the answer?

I’m lucky enough to lead O2’s programmes to support young people reach their potential.  And as you can imagine from a company at the heart of the digital movement, tech plays an important role.