NYA’s Impact Report 2014.

NYA has produced its 2014 impact report.

NYA validates first overseas youth work degree

Victoria University in Melbourne is the first higher education institution outside England to have its youth work degree validated and endorsed by National Youth Agency.

Cuts watch: policy update on local authority cuts to youth services

Cuts to Youth Services Youth services in the UK have been subject to a large range of financial cuts and restrictions. This impact has meant that many youth services across the country have been closed, reduced, or are facing closure. Many local authorities are relying on the voluntary and community sector to fill the gaps in

Blog: Rebekah Leedham on the Institute for Youth Work

My role is to support the development of the Institute for Youth Work which is something that I’m particularly passionate about as a youth worker myself.

Looking back at Give an Hour 2014

Our annual campaign, Give an Hour invites MPs to visit youth work projects in their constituency to see first-hand, the valuable impact youth work and youth workers make to the lives of young people. It is an opportunity for youth organisations to get under the nose of major decision makers and demonstrate why their work

Blog: Egidio Simbine on rediscovering the value of youth work

Diving in the youth work experience: rediscovering the value and need for youth work Egidio Lourino Simbine Egidio is from Mozambique and is on a commonwealth fellowship visiting the National Youth Agency.

Work skills programme helps young people take the next step towards employment

Since July 2014, we have been working in partnership with Barclays and youth charities Rathbone and UK Youth to deliver a programme that supports marginalised young people to make the transition into training or employment.

Nelly-Shella Yonga: My take on the NCS – freezy but fun

Nelly-Shella Yonga is from Cameroon and is on a commonwealth fellowship visiting the National Youth Agency. Leadership inspires transformation. Drawing inspiration from the words of President Nelson Mandela, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”.

National Youth Agency supports Step up to Serve’s #iwill campaign

The National Youth Agency has pledged its support to social action in a new commitment on the #iwill website during #iwill week (24-28 Nov).

Takeover blog alert! Alex Quang on the powerful voice of young people

Today is Takeover Day and I’ve decided to hijack the NYA blog page and talk a little bit about how the NYA is allowing young people to take over at every possible stage.