Blog: Ann-Marie Lawson 2013 Youth Worker Award winner

I believe in youth work, it’s that simple!  If we want to develop our children and young people to be the best that they can be then youth work plays as important part in that development as formal education, sport, modern languages and the arts. 

Blog: Chloé Martin dons her life jacket and climbs aboard for the Think Big regatta

The regatta combines 2 days of networking, teambuilding and yacht racing, whilst supporting Think Big. Each team that enters the regatta will fund at least four young peoples’ big ideas.

Blog: Young trustee Tamanna Miah at the Conservative Party Conference

I represented the NYA at the Conservative party conference held at the Birmingham ICC on the 28Sep – 1 October 2014.

Update on level 2/3 youth work in practice review

Thank you everyone who participated in the consultation in July this year on the structure and units for the new Level 2 and 3 Youth Work Practice qualifications.

Blog: Citizenship – Why the Right to Vote Matters

Recently, 16 and 17 year olds in Scotland were able to vote for the first time. There are a number of campaigns supporting the decreasing of the UK voting age to 16, and Labour has recently backed this, although it is unlikely that anything will be in place before the next general election.

Free training on delivering money skills to young people.

In partnership with UK Youth and Youth Acesss, the National Youth Agency is running a number of workshops to train youth workers to use the finacial capabilty toolkit originally devloped for the Barclays Money Skills ‘champions’ project.

Fiona’s blog: Votes for 16-17 year olds – can politicians handle it?

Depending on your viewpoint one of the most welcome positives emerging from the Scottish referendum last week was 16 year olds voting for the first time.  About 100,000 under 18s registered to vote – 80% of all those eligible. 

NYA at the party conferences 2014

The National Youth Agency is holding a series of fringe events and roundtable discussions at the Labour and Conservative Party Conference this autumn.

Blog: Craig Smith on new crowdfunding platform Hubbub

Think Big is passionate about helping young people achieve their full potential. Young people are amazing and full of great ideas. They are the future workforce as well as those creating employment opportunities for others. One of the ways we are supporting this is through our recently launched crowdfunding platform, Hubbub. We’ve teamed up with

Fiona Blacke responds to Ofsted chief’s comments on young people

Millions of youngsters are too sloppy and slovenly to get jobs because they lack the discipline or skills needed for work, the chief inspector of schools Michael Wilshaw said yesterday on publishing an Ofsted report into 16-18 education.