Save the date! Creative Collisions announces second annual conference

Taking place during the National Youth Agency’s annual Youth Work Week, Creative Collisions (Thursday 6 November) will draw together the force of ten youth organisations and networks

Blog: Cut youth services now and we’ll pay for it later

The figures regarding the extent of the cuts in youth service expenditure are startling. Across the board, public spending for teenagers – from youth clubs to support with drug or alcohol addiction – has fallen 36 per cent since 2010. In those areas with the highest levels of cuts, the opportunities for young people will

Youth services spending down by one-third

The amount of money spent on services for teenagers in England has fallen by 36% in the past two years, according to figures released to the BBC.

O2 Think Big invests in young people’s digital skills through a central London support hub

A 3,000+ square foot Think Big Hub opened its doors to young people in central London last night. The space will welcome 3,000 young people in its first year, helping them to develop their digital, entrepreneurial and work skills. The National Youth Agency is the lead partner on the Think Big social action programme, and

NYA leads UK-wide partnership to oversee youth and community work standards

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills has confirmed that the Joint Education Training Standards Committee (JETS) are the preferred suppliers of youth and community sector standards for the UK.