Blog: Fiona Blacke on 50 Faces of Youth Work

I think most people agree that now is a difficult time to be a youth worker. Cuts to youth services are widespread and many in our profession are facing an uncertain future.

Blog: Fiona Blacke on youth work in the Rotherham inquiry

In light of the shocking revelations resulting from the inquiry into the child sex exploitation in Rotherham, all our thoughts turn to how agencies can prevent this abuse happening again. One of the few groups who emerge from this report unscathed are local youth workers

Youth Work Foundation invites applications for awards

The Youth Work Foundation, an independent charity administered by the National Youth Agency, opens for applications today.

Youth Work review – level 2/3 Youth Work in Practice update

Over the last few months two rounds of consultation has been taking place regarding the Youth Work sectors qualification needs at level 2 and level 3 for the review of the (JNC) Youth Work in Practice qualifications.

Money skills project benefits over 100,000 young people.

The Barclays Money Skills ‘champions’ project has supported over 100,000 young people to build money management skills, knowledge and confidence and is continuing to do so with a legacy project focused on employability.

“But I swear you don’t get paid to volunteer? What’s the point, fam?”

So while my system at work seems to be having a heart attack (which in turn is going to give me a heart attack) I thought I’d write about something close to my heart. Volunteering.

NYA partners National Youth Institute and Barclays to launch money management project for young people in Mozambique

The National Youth Agency is partnering the National Youth Institute and Barclays Bank  Mozambique to deliver a financial capability project that will support the reduction of poverty and disadvantage amongst young people in Mozambique. The project was launched on Thursday in Manhica, near the Mozambican capital, Maputo region.

Blog: How social action can bring communities together.

Social action helps and empowers any person, especially young people, to really make a difference in the community where they live.

NYA shortlisted for Charity Times’ charity of the year

The National Youth Agency has been shortlisted for the prestigious charity of the year at the Charity Times’ Awards.

NYA celebrates 50 faces of youth work

Supporting young people to explore their place in the world or an undervalued and misunderstood profession – the National Youth Agency is celebrating its 50th anniversary by asking people ‘what does youth work mean to you?’