About Hear by Right

Hear by Right is an organisational development tool that was established over 10 years ago. Built on a framework of seven standards with 20 indicators it describes best practice, supporting organisations to plan, develop and evaluate their participation practices and provision. It was created with and for young people fostering a culture of development; a continual journey for keeping young people at the heart of decision making whilst increasing their voice, influence and place within society.

The Hear by Right framework is a free resource for self-assessment, there is also the option to go for a formal assessment process to gain a national NYA award to recognise and celebrate great practice in participation. Today, young people’s voices are as important as ever with many organisations using participation, co-production and social action throughout their programmes and core work.

This new and updated version of Hear by Right has been designed to be flexible across all sectors, encouraging organisations of all shapes and sizes that work with young people to join us in recognising the importance of young people’s participation throughout all of our work.

Hear by Right Pilot organisations

NYA Hear by Right framework

Hear by Right Framework

Developing best practice in young people’s participation, built on a framework of seven standards with 20 indicators that describe best practice.

This document lists the Hear by Right standards which cover all aspects of young people’s participation. The principles apply flexibly and equally to large statutory organisations working in partnerships and to small voluntary sector organisations working independently. The standards can also be used at project level. They are used so widely that they offer a helpful common ground and shared language on participation.

Hear by Right has seven standards based on the familiar ‘Seven S’ model for organisations. These are:

  • Shared values
  • Strategies
  • Structures
  • Systems
  • Staff
  • Skills and knowledge
  • Style of leadership.

The seven Hear by Right standards focus on improving young people’s participation in the organisation, which in turn will improve the services that will help them to improve their lives. You can access our free Hear by Right Participation module below.

An Introduction to Participation

Hear by Right Free course

Now that you’ve got a grasp on what Hear by Right does, you can attend one of our quarterly Hear by Right training sessions. This training does come at a cost of £50 per head plus VAT, but this cost is then knocked off your final assessment cost if / when you decide to have your organisation assessed.

Once you’ve undertaken the training you can decide whether you wish to go through the full Hear by Right awards process. If you do, you can be assessed at either Active or Flagship level.

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COVID-19 Readiness Level

Readiness Level


What does this mean?

** From 2nd December 2021 we can confirm that the youth sector moves to YELLOW in the readiness framework**

**From 20th January 2022, face coverings are no longer compulsory in the youth sector for any ages, in any setting. Masks can, of course, still be worn by choice and all practice should remain Covid secure.**

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