Historical database Dec 2017

Historical Database December 2017 v1

QAA benchmarks for youth and community work 2017


Professional Validation Guidelines

Professional validation requirements for youth and community work qualifications in England 2019 Guidance for institutions providing  qualifications   Professional Validation Requirements 2020

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Historical Database as of Sept 2018

Annual monitoring appendices

Annual Monitoring 2016 NYA

Youth & Community pay agreement 2016-17

No205 – JNC Youth & Community Workers Pay Agreement 2016 & 2017

Annual Monitoring Youth & Community Programmes 2014-15

Annual Monitoring Report Youth Work & Community programmes 2014-15

Current Lvl 6+ youth work courses

If you are interested in studying youth work, here is the list of all the currently validated professionally qualifying programmes that are JNC recognised. These courses will give you the status of professional youth worker. List of Lvl 6+ NYA validated courses (as of July 2020) Find out more about youth work qualifications.

Fees for professional validation


Professional validation criteria and evidence template

Professional Validation – Criteria & Evidence Form – TEMPLATE