(Historic) Quality Mark for Young People’s Services digital edition

*Please note, this is not the latest version of the NYA Quality Mark. The Latest version is available for free here* The Quality Mark for Young People’s services focuses on developing and capturing high quality services that improve outcomes and support for young people in the transition to adulthood. The Quality Mark is made up

Leading and Managing Youth Work and Youth Services

This book has grown out of the Transforming Youth Work management programme developed by a consortium of the National Youth Agency, the Association of Principal Youth and Community Officers, the Department for Education and Skills, the University of Leicester and FPM. It aims to help leaders and managers of services for young people pause and

Hear by Right: getting started

We are excited to have recently released a new and updated version of Hear by Right. The materials for this are freely available t0 NYA Network members. Please find out more and being your Hear by Right Journey by clicking below:

Drawing on the Past: Studies in the History of Community and Youth Work

The 18 chapters cover a diversity of subjects and places. Some tell the stories of events and people. Others consider the impact and relevance of organisations, movements and reports. Yet others are concerned with the value of historical understanding for contemporary community and youth work. Together they reveal a fascinating history and uncover a vast store

Young Researchers Network Toolkit session 5

Reporting your research findings for different audiences YRN session 5  

Young Researchers Network Toolkit session 4

How to research sensitive topics YRN session 4

Young Researchers Network Toolkit session 3

Research interviewing skills YRN session 3

Young Researchers Network Toolkit session 2

Different data types and designing a questionnaire. YRN session 2

Young Researchers Network Toolkit session 1

Writing your research question and formulating a hypothesis YRN session 1

Youth Work and Social Networking: final report

How can Youth Work best support young people to navigate the risks and make the most of the opportunities of online social networking? September 2008 Tim Davies and Pete Cranston. Youth Work and Social Networking Final Report – August 2008