Summer Riots: Summary of existing literature and key observations – June 2012

The summer riots of 2011 have been the subject of many published literature, ranging from official reports and statistics to independent research and news articles. This NYA document aims to summarise the key observations and answer some key questions, with a particular focus on young people. Summer Riots: Summary of existing literature and key observations

Planned Expenditure by Local Authorities: Services for Young People

Under Section 251 of the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009, local authorities are required to submit statements on the planned and expected expenditure of local authority education and children’s social care functions. Statements are submitted annually, and the latest statement published for 2012-13 covers the period 1st April 2012 – 31st March 2013.

NYA Commission into Sufficiency final report

In 2012, the National Youth Agency established a Commission to determine what can be viewed as a “sufficient offer” of local provision for services for young people. This report details its findings. NYA Commission into ‘what is a sufficient youth offer’

Mapping the involvement of businesses in supporting services for young people in out of school settings

The NYA has conducted a project to map and promote what the business community is already doing with regards to supporting service delivery for young people in out of school settings. The project captures the many ways businesses are supporting young people through a survey of Heads of Youth Services (or equivalent) and interviews providing

Key Housing Issues for Young People

Young people are faced with a wide range of housing challenges in today’s society and there is evidence to suggest that they are three times more likely to experience rented housing and homelessness problems than other age groups. Key Housing Issues for Young People

The Future for Outcomes – a practical guide to measuring outcomes for young people

This document brings together recent developments around outcomes based work with young people. Commissioned by the Local Government Association, it includes a discussion of the concepts, illustrated by findings from the pilots, and a step-by-step approach to designing an evaluation framework that focuses on outcomes. The future for outcomes – A practical guide to measuring

The Future for Outcomes: The Calculator in Practice

This short paper summarises the learning from development of the calculator and piloting with two local authorities: Norfolk County Council and Staffordshire County Council. Future for Outcomes Calculator

Case Studies of youth work involvement in the Troubled Families Programme

Detailed case studies of how four local authorities are involving youth workers in the delivery of the Troubled Families Programme. Case Studies of youth work involvement in the Troubled Families Programme

Brokering Engagement from the Business Community for the Youth Sector

The National Youth Agency (NYA ), as part of its on-going work with the Local Government Association (LGA), has conducted a pilot project to test whether it is possible to leverage resources from the business community into the voluntary youth sector. Earlier research carried out by the NYA found that the business sector is already

Commission on youth work in education – National Youth Agency

Final report from the National Youth Agency’s commission into the role of youth work in formal education.