NYA COVID-19 Response July 2020

Call to mobilise youth workers as key workers Youth workers have an important role to play in supporting young people. This report summarises key recommendations and the latest research carried out by the National Youth Agency (NYA) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It calls for lessons to be learned as we emerge from national

Time Out: Re-Imagining Schools – COVID-19

This paper builds on the insights from the ‘Out of Sight?’ research report, on the known and emerging needs of young people through COVID-19, published by the National Youth Agency (NYA) in April 2020. We explore the role of youth services and youth work in schools and colleges, and the impact of the pandemic on vulnerable

Detached Youth Work Guidance – 15.06.2020

This publication sets out the basics of detached youth work and other non-building-based forms of youth work, and locates them in the context of COVID-19. Please click the cover below to download    

Hidden in Plain Sight – Gangs and Exploitation

Hidden in Plain Sight – Gangs and Exploitation, A Youth Work Response to COVID-19 This new report includes insight from the front line of youth workers on their increased concerns for street-gangs and organised criminal gangs. The importance of youth services has been stressed by national police chiefs, the Children’s Commissioner for England and recent

Out of Sight: Vulnerable Young People: COVID-19 Response