Our training enables workers and volunteers to apply practical tools to their workplace to achieve real change.

The issues facing young people are constantly evolving. As practitioners we have a responsibility to keep up to date with what they are and how best to support young people as they work through them.

Our skilled practitioner training courses can help you to develop as a professional youth worker and give young people the high quality support they deserve.

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Child Criminal Exploitation, Violence and County Lines

Young people in the UK are being exploited by organised criminal groups. Money, violence, drugs – the risks for young people that may already be vulnerable are bringing increasing challenge to front line workers that are supporting young people in a variety of contexts and environments. Delivered by expert practitioners Teswal White & Solomon Griffiths from the West Midlands, this day course will increase knowledge and understanding of this issue and how workers can use this to better support their young people and help them to keep safe.




Packed 4 the Party Conference season. Heading to @LibDems this today. Our team are attending @UKLabour and @Conservatives in the weeks ahead. @natyouthagency has up to 4 team members at each pressing for more investment & commitment to young people. We have 5 events in total 🥳

Landed safely back from another successful #NYARoadshow19 event in the North East. I Love, love, love doing these and meeting practitioners so passionate about youth work and supporting @natyouthagency Lots going on in our sector - keep watching, engaging and active!

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