Youth workers create conditions where young people can thrive. A good sustained youth work intervention can also reduce the likelihood of a young person needing high cost, more interventionist services later on. It supports an investment in young services, where its value and savings are long term and not necessarily seen as a return on investment by those providing the services and support. Therefore, youth work is best viewed as a form of education, supporting young people in the present and ambitious for their future. It needs to be a universal service for young people to access from their local communities, with clear pathways to targeted or specialist provision for some young people.

There is a duty on local authorities to secure sufficient youth services in their area. However, this has proved difficult to define and enforce. The Government is currently reviewing the statutory guidance. This must be supported by a clear statement from government on the importance of providing a sufficient offer to young people.

As the national body for youth work the NYA is going to publish minimum levels of sufficiency expectation. It should be for councils and communities to determine how they will deliver this; but for government to hold local authorities to account on their ability to provide an overall offer of sufficient quality and intervene where services are not functioning to those standards.

Please click below to download the sufficiency discussion paper, then complete the survey at the bottom of the page to submit your response to the consultation.


Please note: The deadline for consultation responses is Friday 13th December


It’s a delight to join @natyouthagency partners @YEUK2012 for their awards event celebrating the work of young people and those that champion their employability. #YouthFriendlyEmployer #YEUK put young people at the heart of their work.

I’m @OnSideYZ @TheHiveYZ exploring ice breakers, their concept, what makes a good icebreaker in Youthwork? Should it have a theme? Youthworkers having a go..relating this to a production line, factory conditions and communication. Looking fwd to the peer review. @natyouthagency

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