Putting young people’s voice at the heart of service delivery

If your organisation provides services for young people it is vital that you make sure that they take part in the decision-making process, and their voice is heard .

Hear by Right helps you follow best practice on the safe, sound and sustainable participation of children and young people in the services and activities they take part in.

Developed by the National Youth Agency, Hear by Right can be used by any organisation working with young people.  It helps provide evidence of the participation that is already happening in your organisation and shows you how to plan for improvement where there are gaps.

It can be used at both strategic and operational levels across partnerships, departments and single organisations.

We have developed products and services to support you in putting young people’s voices at the heart of your organisation and gain recognition for your achievements:

Hear by Right Award

Achieving the Hear by Right award proves to service users, funders and your community that your organisation takes the voice of young   people seriously and that participation is at the heart of service delivery and development.

 The award is currently available at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. The National Youth Agency assesses your portfolio of evidence and if you are successful, you will receive a detailed report, highlighting the good practice within the organisation and recommendations on areas for future development.

Getting started

The NYA provide tools and activities to enable colleagues and service users to map and plan without having to go into the detail of the Hear by Right framework.

We have produced a publication that explains the steps you need to take to embed participation of young people into your organisation. Find out more about the Hear by Right publication.

NYA also offers a variety of training and support packages. These include:

  • Half or full day multi-agency / single-agency training.
  • Real-world mapping and planning sessions (using HbR to develop your participation strategy for real).
  • Training and support to prepare organisations for the award process.
  • Bespoke consultancy over the phone, email or face to face.

Contact us for more information.


Hear by Right has helped us reflect how we involve children, young people and families in our services
Barnardo's Buckinghamshire


@natyouthagency @LeighNYA Thank you both for your kind words! From a perspective of an apprentice, I can honestly say an apprenticeship has has been truly invaluable on my confidence and development!

Hear hear! @shannon_nya has been an amazing support to us all over the last 2 years! We're so proud of how well she's developed and she's a real testament to the great effect that apprenticeships can have for young people!

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