Supporting young people’s transitions

The UK government has pledged to support 3 million apprenticeships by 2020.

However starting a new job is daunting for a young person. Most apprentices are new to the ‘world of work’. They are inexperienced in workplace cultures, employer expectations and day-to-day processes.

As government widens the programme, the need to support young people’s transition into the workplace is greater.

The drop-out rate is at its highest during the first 6 weeks of an apprenticeship.

NYA is working with its partners to develop a range of youth work-based support programmes underpinned by experienced employee mentoring.


Qualified and experienced youth workers provide support in a range of ways:

  • Adopt the role of mentor, motivator, facilitator.
  • Deliver high quality 1-2-1 sustained support.
  • Provide apprentices with holistic support around the young person.
  • Be someone the apprentices can relate to and get support from.
  • Broker access to targeted support and mentors.
  • Identify support to address difficulties within the workplace, training provider and home life that might be acting as a barrier to engagement.
  • Nurture the personal development of the apprentice.
  • Provide advice and help to enable parents/carers to support the young person in making the transition into work.

Positive relationships are key

Our experience has shown us that building positive relationships between the employer and the apprentice is pivotal to successful apprenticeships.

Young people need to feel safe, respected, cared about and understood. Employers are key to building the confidence, motivation and resilience of the apprentice.  This relationship must be built on mutual trust, respect and have clear boundaries.

It will have a positive impact on their engagement within the workplace, enjoyment and ultimately retention of their apprenticeship.

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@RishiSunak @andrealeadsom This is indeed welcome & good news. Please could we have the same support to help the 3 MILLION young people who desperately need high quality youth services to support them? @natyouthagency stands ready to make this happen with partners! The business case is very compelling!

This is scary. Young people/services have already borne the brunt of cuts with £1 in every £16 cut from council budgets coming from youth services. We need to rebuild youth services not make more misguided cuts when x3 the number of young people need help!

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