Geophysics in a Box is funded by the Royal Astronomical Society and is part of the RAS200 Sky and Earth Project, and by the Ogden Trust.

‘Geophysics in a Box’ is a three-way collaborative Leicestershire partnership between the National Youth Agency, Leicester City in the Community, and the National Space Academy.

Having delivered sessions across Leicestershire, we would like to be able to distribute the ‘Geophysics in a Box’ resource across the UK to engage and inspire more young people into geophysics and STEM through interactive activities.

Each ‘Geophysics in a Box’ includes a seismometer and other equipment to provide you with the resources to deliver your own sessions in school or youth organisation environments.

If you would like your own ‘Geophysics in a Box’, please indicate your interest by completing this online form.

If you would like more information, please email

If you have a box, you can access our online videos here for you to watch and understand how to deliver the activities.

For those who have received a box, we would love your feedback to improve the box, understand impact and create new boxes in the future. We would also like to keep in contact for when we update the box with new activities.

If you have delivered a session, please complete this online feedback form.

If you need more copies of the trainer evaluation form (that you can use during or after the session), you can download it here.

To see what’s happening on social media, look up #GeophysicsIAB.

More About Geophysics in a Box

Geophysics in a Box is a three-way collaborative partnership between National Youth Agency, Leicester City in the Community, and the National Space Academy. The technical experts, skilled youth workers and engaged young people, will deliver a project rooted in scientific expertise, tailored to the needs of young people. Specialist knowledge is also being provided by The British Geological Survey and the School of Geography, Geology and the Environment from the University of Leicester.

Geophysics in a Box, is a box which will contain activities to help young people learn about scientific principles using fun, interactive methods. We will use the unique combination of sport and space to engage young people who may never have thought science was for them. We aim to engage young people in science, to discover geophysics and recognise its relevance to their everyday lives. We see this as a unique opportunity to inspire young people to start thinking about science and improve their interest in it. We will use elements of sports to explain complex scientific concepts including gravity, earthquakes and waves. Our work will align to the National Curriculum but we will also take the opportunity to introduce new ideas and concepts.

We will be delivering this exciting and inspiring programme directly to 200 young people in schools and community groups, in Leicestershire, who rarely get to engage with science projects of this kind. Many more young people, staff and volunteers will benefit as we will train teachers, youth workers and community group leader to deliver the activities via our ‘train the trainer’ workshops and online resources.

Priya Patel, Programme Operations Manager at The National Youth Agency said ‘Having a local partnership makes this programme really special for us. Supporting a generation to exploring science and raising the awareness of STEM through youth work is something really exciting for NYA to be part of.’

The programme will be launching shortly and we look forward to giving you regular updates. For further information, get in touch with



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