Connecting Young People with the Environment

Young people care passionately about their environment.

At a local level young people identify and connect with spaces in their neighbourhood as a place to meet friends and socialise. On a global scale young people feel real concern over environmental challenges as failure to tackle them threatens their future.

NYA believes young people are a key part of the solution to environmental threats.

Young people have the talent and innovation to find creative solutions to these challenges. It brings about unique projects, utilising young people’s entrepreneurial skills and imagination.

Find out about The Environment Now, our environmental tech programme  for 17-24 year olds.





Our pleasure. We need the whole sector to get behind @natyouthagency #backnya

We're so proud of our #TheEnvironmentNow team members for being nominated in the #DL100 annual awards for best cross sector digital collaboration!

Read more about it here and please join us in voting for them!


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