What’s the big idea?

We believe it’s important that young people get the credit and recognition for the work they do to support social change – through evaluation, inspection and research activities in their widest sense.

Why would I get involved as young person?

We have three opportunities for you to get involved in this project:

  1. You could take part in the National Youth Agency (NYA) Young Researcher Network project – taking part in a research project and gain an accredited certificate.  This would involve 9 x 2 hour meetings – a total of 18 hours. Your research will be linked to the role you play in your region. You will also play a part in influencing the work done nationally by feeding your ideas and opinions through your regional network.
  2. You could then remain a part of the NYA Youth Advisory Board. This would involve working alongside the NYA team in helping to shape and influence the youth work sector.
  3. Our final opportunity is to help shape the research programme further so it’s a fantastic resource open to every young person and youth worker across the UK. This would take about 5 x 2 hour meetings – a total of 10 hours and will involve developing skills to co deliver the next research project.

What would your Regional Youth Work Unit gain?

We anticipate each Regional Youth Work Unit will support three/four young people to join the programme. This would help young people to support their own regional work and contribute to the NYA and the national research programme. This experience would help them to run further courses themselves to complement their own research projects.

Who is this for?

If you are a young person aged 16-25, supporting a Regional Youth Work Unit project, or your local area and are interested in asking questions and wanting to gain experience and accreditation, then this is for you!

You will need to be able to access a device with access to the internet.

About the Programme

This is a level two programme and will help you to :

  1. Know how to plan a research project.
  2. Be able to select appropriate research methods to use.
  3. Be able to conduct primary or secondary research.
  4. Be able to analyse data appropriately.
  5. Communicate the research findings in an appropriate way for the subject and audience.

Phase 1: During the programme you would do a small-scale piece of research and learn about research as you do it. The research would be something the group agreed on and that can support young people/youthwork as well as  the work of the NYA. The group  would meet twice a week for a two hour, online, research session – learning about and doing the research. The whole course would take 5 weeks. We would collect your work as you go, leading to you gaining your certification.

Phase 2: You could then opt to become a part of the NYA Youth Advisory Board and continue to feed into and co design best practices for youthwork.

Phase 3: There is also an opportunity to  review the programme and redesign it as stand-alone, online, activity with resources which would allow anyone to take part in it anywhere. This would involve a further five meetings.



Applications have now closed for our Young Researchers Network.

If you have any queries please get in contact with yrn@nya.org.uk


🚨Webinars and sessions with @Equalequity1🚨

On Friday there is an opportunity to get involved with the Thinking Spaces for BAME Youth Workers sessions. This session is focused on those in the Midlands, find out more:


🚨Guidance Update🚨

From today, England has transitioned from national lockdown back to the local tier system. Some of the NYA Guidance has changed since the last time we were in local tiers, you can find out all the changes here:


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