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Over the past year we have seen a renewed positive political narrative of youth work, with all major parties committing to investment in their manifestos, and some initial investment made solid from the Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport including some for workforce development. As a part of this investment we have been tasked with undertaking preparatory work to inform a future workforce development strategy.

In this survey we are therefore seeking to do a rapid assessment of the key characteristics of the youth work workforce and its training needs.

If you are an employer of, or are responsible for the management of, an organisation that utilises youth work in any way, please complete this survey and spread the word as wide as possible. The more responses and detail we get, the better the case for investment that we can build.


The Survey

We anticipate that the survey itself will take between 15 to 20 minutes and must be completed in one sitting. In order to minimise the time needed, please see the questions which may need preparation below before beginning the survey at the bottom of the page:

Firstly, we will be looking to understand your role and the organisation you work for by asking:

  • What your role is within the organisation and whether you are involved in the planning or management of youth work delivery?
  • What kind of organisation you work for (e.g. faith group, voluntary sector, local authority, etc.)
  • Which sector(s) does your organisation operate in?
  • Which local authority does your organisation primarily operate in (or whether it is a National Organisation)?
    • N.B. If your organisation undertakes regional delivery, please use the Local Authority for where your main office is based.

We will then be asking about the work your organisation delivers, and your workforce:

  • What types of youth work activities does your organisation deliver (e.g. Detached, open access, infrastructural support etc.), by percentage where there is more than one option chosen.
  • How many paid workers and/or volunteers you have as a full-time equivalent figure, what activities they deliver, and what JNC qualifications they hold.
  • What terms and conditions your workforce abide by (e.g. JNC, NJC, Other)

We follow by asking about the training that is delivered within your organisation:

  • Do your staff and / or volunteers have personal development plans?
  • Has work-related training been provided in the past 12 months, and if so what type of training.
  • How satisfied are you with the skill level of your workforce in relation to your needs?
  • Which areas should your employees and volunteers skills be improved?

Following this we look at how training is funded, if at all by asking:

  • How much income you received for youth work activities in the last financial year
  • Which sources of funding you received, and whether any of those had provision for training or workforce development.

Finally, there is a free-text response that allows you to tell us of what you consider the major challenges to training and recruitment, and there is the option for you to provide your contact details to be involved in further research.

Please click below to access the survey, please note the survey must completed in one sitting and we advise that you prepare your responses before starting using the prompts above.

We thank you in advance for your continued support at this crucial time.


Fantastic webinar this morning with @natyouthagency Young People, Youth Violence & Lockdown! extra special thanks @RealActionUK for delivering a thought provoking & inspiring session 👌🏼🙌🏼

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