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The Safeguarding and Risk Management Hub (The Hub) is a freely accessible online resource providing guidance, support, advice and access to training resources in relation to safeguarding and risk management for organisations and individuals working with young people.  The Hub provides a comprehensive risk management framework that can be applied to the diverse activities across the youth sector, and is intended to be a ‘go-to’ place with content drafted and maintained by safeguarding and risk experts.  

The Hub aims to promote good safeguarding and risk management practices across the youth sector.  The Hub relates directly to the delivery of youth programmes and services and does not cover occupational health and safety considerations. Organisations should ensure they have access to separate competent advice regarding occupational health and safety matters.  

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Why is it needed?  

Safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults is the most important duty of any youth worker. In response to reduced funding and resources within the sector, the national workforce has changed.  In turn, this has placed greater reliance upon volunteer youth workers.  The diminishing infrastructure support available to volunteers, and the organisations they work with, means there is inconsistent training, continuing professional development (CPD) and resources available across England.  Meanwhile,  the complexities of young people’s needs and risks have increased. 

We recognise there is a need for clarity and investment to support organisations and individual workers to develop consistent support structures of safeguarding and risk management in order to help ensure our young people have access to safe services, support and care.  

Who is it for? 

The Hub aims to provide support for anyone across the youth sector who may be seeking safeguarding or risk management information, guidance or support. The Hub aims to support both organisations and individual practitioners alike. It is recognised that there are many National Associations and other organisations within the sector who are already following and have access to high quality and established risk management frameworks.  The information within The Hub is not intended to replace or supersede established systems that youth organisations have already developed.  It is primarily aimed at those who have limited access to such resources, specialist knowledge or established practice. 

How to use this resource 

The Hub provides guidance on what organisations or individuals should do in response to areas of safeguarding and risk management, highlighting examples of good practice.  

The Hub is structured to provide a risk management framework that can be applied to a broad range of activities and practice across the youth sector. The framework includes specific guidance topics arranged into four key areas of: Safe People; Safe Place & Activities; Safe Policy, Process & Procedure; and Safe Equipment & Resources.  

You are invited to navigate through the resource to access advice on specific topics, or to view and apply the framework as a whole. Where applicable and appropriate, template documents are available to download to support the application and implementation of good practice. If you have any questions or queries about the Hub, please complete the form below.  

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The Resources

Safe People

The people within your organisation responsible for youth programme delivery, along with those engaging in or impacted by your services are critical to safety. Safety management relies in part upon the attitudes and behaviours of the staff responsible for supervising young people and organisations should maintain a proactive culture of safety that promotes positive health and safety behaviours.  

Safe People Resources

Supporting Organisational Practice

Supporting Youth Work Delivery

Safe Policy, Process and Procedure

An effective safety management system relies upon the implementation of documented policies and procedures which describe how health and safety matters are addressed and who is responsible. The law states that all organisations are required to have a health and safety policy and where they employ more than five workers, this should be written down.   

Organisations are likely to have a variety of processes and procedures that together help manage safety and these will be important for workers to understand.  Documentation should be functional, clear and concise, and provide a useful tool and resource for workers to refer to before, during and after programme delivery. 

As described by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) it is important that effective policies and practice encourage a ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ approach which actively encourages a systems-based approach to safety including a process for monitoring and review to capture and apply learning. This should involve regular internal and/or external audit and scrutiny to help identify safety improvements.   

Safe Policy, Process and Procedure Resources

Safe Places and Activity

The locations in which youth work activity takes place are core to safe programme delivery and should be selected to meet the needs of the young people involved.  Suitable and sufficient planning of settings and activities will help minimise risk at an early stage and reduce the need for more complex arrangements.

Safe Places and Activity Resources

Safe Equipment and Resources

It is important to ensure that any equipment and resources used in the delivery of youth programmes is safe and appropriate for use. Equipment and resources should be assessed and chosen to meet the needs of the specific young people involved. 

Safe Equipment and Resources Resources

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