Success in Partnership

Partnerships are at the heart of many of our programmes of work. Some of our most successful relationships with partners go back many years and our work with them has developed and refined with emerging priorities and the changing policy environment for young people.

Our work with major corporates has brought financial know-how to thousands of young people, and recruited a whole new audience to social action.

Our programmes support young people to achieve – from tackling their environmental concerns to completing their apprenticeships. We’re exploring bringing youth work into sport too, helping coaches better connect with young people.

We also work with partners to sustain young people, through offering employee volunteering training to developing alternative funding models like social impact bonds.


local delivery partners help us run our programmes


After lots of travelling this week talking #youthparticipation with #FutureProofParks & #HearbyRight today’s beautiful Sunday walk was perfect @NTLymePark #Frosty


‘Hope is not a strategy, we need to take action for change’ Sima @AdvocacyAcademy. Youthwork experiential pedagogy, grassroots activism, young people developing political power & changing the world. Listen @CheerfulPodcast today, learn from Rochelle, Sima @ Olivia @RECLAIMproject

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