A list of surveys during Covid-19 with data available

Below are a list of surveys that have had results published, whether interim or a final report.

Please note, that some of the surveys are still ongoing and the list will be updated regularly (last update 26th October).

The criteria for inclusion are simple, all surveys must:

1. Be directly related to exploring effects or impacts of Covid-19
2. Be looking for data from Young People (Aged 8 and above) or Youth Sector Organisations
3. Be open to UK respondents

We have expanded the search functions to allow you to choose from the main topics in these surveys, and will be publishing a summary of what is covered and what isn’t.

If your organisation has released any findings or reports from an already undertaken survey that isn’t listed here please email the URL through to research@nya.org.uk

A further list of survey data (including for children below our age-range criteria) can be found here.