Research Roundup: Self Control and Tech

Our Research Officer takes a look at recent reaction to the news that WHO have made Gaming Addiction a recognised disorder. Behavioural insights is not a common phenomenon, and it has resurfaced as a news trend over the last fortnight with regards to the addictive qualities of certain games and digital apps that are grabbing

Research Roundup – Are we wrong to focus on exam pressure itself rather than lack of rewards for that pressure?

There is increasing noise surrounding the fact that the school assessment system is ramping up the pressure on students to achieve the highest academic grades possible, and that this pressure is adversely affecting young people’s mental health. This approach compounds the fact that many young children are entering school ‘underdeveloped’ in that they lack the

My Money Now project finds peer education an effective way of communicating financial capability skills to young people.

Peer youth workers received better than established trainers in delivering financial capability to young adults. The need for Money Advice is great as young adults today are experiencing a very different set of personal, economic and financial circumstances from those of previous generations due to changes in the housing market, consumer trends, the advent and

Research Roundup: Child Obesity Back in the Spotlight

Please note, this is just one of the several weekly research roundups we present. To access the others please signup, free, to the NYA Network Almost a month since our last post on the topic (link), child obesity is back on the agenda following the release of analysis of Public Health England (PHE) figures by the Local

A case for recognizing ‘youth’ as a transitory period?

All Party Parliamentary Group for Youth Affairs launch inquiry on the role and sufficiency of youth work

Parliamentary Inquiry on the role and sufficiency of youth work  Call for evidence A new inquiry supported by cross-party MPs has been launched today with a call for evidence on the role and impact of youth work. This will consider if there is sufficient youth work and services to meet some of the key challenges

Research roundup – Changes in the Political Landscape for Young People?

In 2017, the Oxford English Dictionary declared ‘youthquake’ the word of the year,[1] with their own definition stating it as: ‘a significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people.’[2] The change? A slight shift in the levels of representation of the major parties in Britain, with the Conservatives

Examining the reported links between children’s underdevelopment and ‘Emojis’

Our Research Officer takes a look at recent commentary on children’s emotional development. Recently we looked at the fact that many children were ‘under-developed’ when entering school for various reasons, with a positive correlation evident between under-development and income level.[1] Since then, there has been some further commentary on emotional development, and especially on the

Research roundup – Inter-Generational Structural Inequalities Hinder Young People

Please note, this is just one of the several weekly research roundups we present. To access the others please signup, free, to the NYA Network Inter-Generational Structural Inequalities Hinder Young People – What Does This Mean for Social Mobility? This week has seen a renewed focus on the structural inequalities which are ‘trapping’ many of our

Research Roundup – Where is the Noise Around the Statutory Youth Service?

In late February of this year John McDonnell, Labour Shadow chancellor, committed to incorporating a statutory youth service into the next Labour Manifesto.[1] This was followed very recently by Cat Smith calling on a consultation into a Statutory Youth Service.[2] However, there has been very little noise since, as the Windrush saga, and Amber Rudd’s